What's possible with IBM DB2 Web Query for i ?

IBM's DB2 Web Query for i provides capabilities to query data, build reports, construct dashboards with key performance indicators, execute data drill downs, and run OLAP for trending analysis - all against data stored in DB2 for i and other databases via a browser-based user interface. It facilities delivery of this data to end users in a variety of formats, such as spreadsheets, PDF, HTML or web visualizations and can automate report distribution with job scheduling and email integration functions. What's more, Web Query's Active Reports capabilities provide encapsulated reporting and dashboards for decision makers on-the-go providing the ability to review and analyze data while disconnected from the data source. This all sounds highly useful with the potential for significant productivity gains, but what's really possible with Web Query?

Here are a few examples starting with a basic report and building to more sophisticated visualizations. Notice the power that visualization of your data can offers to decision makers.

This base report shows "Profit by Products" with traffic lighting, which provides conditional formatting based on user criteria. Note the use of traffic lighting in rows 1-3 identifying profit above 12% (highlighted in green).

This dashboard provides information and visualizations of sales data for YTD, Quarterly and Sales versus Forecast that assist management with analysis of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). In this case, the KPI's all relate to sales performance. KPIs might depict current or historical data and often use text, color, icons, graphs or symbols to identify key metrics.

Here we see a dashboard displaying the top performers by company store, plant, and sales rep with the associated pie chart below each KPI giving management a clear view to top producers and potential areas for improvement.

The prototypical Executive Dashboard may include several functional areas including sales, marketing, call center, etc. With this real-time information, management is able to monitor performance on an ongoing basis and use this knowledge to ensure informed decisions. This results in a nimble enterprise with a true competitive advantage.

Source: data source www.nhtsa.gov

In the introduction above, we mentioned Web Query's Active Reports. Active Reports provide mobile tablet and phone users with the ability to work with reports and dashboards outside of the office when disconnected from the company network. Active Reports encapsulates report and dashboard data so that it is fully transportable. This can be a huge benefit for executives on-the-go!


Source: IBM Systems Magazine; author: Gene Cobb, IBM